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The CBR club began as a group of friends that grew up together from Pender County North Carolina that all rode sport bikes. During the summer of 1999 we would get together on weekends and ride.

THE NAME CBR?? In August 1999 we went to a bike rally hosted by the EBONY ANGELS in Raleigh, NC. They had a tug of war contest in which we won and they wanted to announce our name as the winners. Someone in the club yelled out Country Boy Riders and the rest is history.

The CBR club hosted a bike rally for the Labor Day 1999 weekend in Atkinston, NC. As the club became known through out the community others (non riders) wanted join. At this point we made our club a motorcycle and truck club.

By the end of the summer of 1999 we had hosted a bike rally, a large cookout at Carolina Beach, attended bike rallies in Wilmington, NC(Port City Wheelers), Raleigh, NC (Ebony Angles), Durham, NC (Wide Awake Riders), Washington, DC (DC Sport Bike Riders), and of course Black Bike Week Atlantic Beach, SC.

By December 1999 the club had held several events and attended several bike rallies and was in the hometown Christmas Parade. The core members wanted to organize the club so the date for organization was set for January 15, 2000.